Confirmed Exhibitors

NeuroTrauma2018 is pleased to welcome the following Exhibitors to Toronto:

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Confirmed Exhibitors

De Puys Synthes De Puys Synthes
FUJIFILM-VisualSonics_web FUJIFILM VisualSonics / Booth 403
FUJIFILM VisualSonics, the world leader in real-time, in vivo, high-resolution, micro-imaging systems, providing modalities designed for preclinical research.  These cutting edge technologies allow researchers to conduct research in cardiovascular, cancer and neurobiology areas. VisualSonics platforms combine high-resolution, real-time in vivo imaging at a reasonable cost with ease-of-use and quantifiable results. (
Mdialysis_web M Dialysis Inc / Booth 305
M Dialysis, Inc. develops and markets clinical microdialysis solutions for advanced clinical research and general intensive care usage. Our microdialysis solutions monitor tissue chemistry and diagnosis based on changes in the local metabolism, offering windows of opportunity that may lead to improved quality of life. (
Moberg ICU Solutions Moberg ICU Solutions / Booth 303
Natus-Neurology_web Natus Neuro / Booth 402
Natus Neuro is a global market leader that provides diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical solutions built on a strong heritage in neurodiagnostics, neurocritical care and neurosurgery. Natus Neuro delivers clinician-led products that improve outcomes and enhance care for neuro patients through leading-edge equipment, service, education and supplies. (
Neuro-Science-Associates-Inc_web NeuroScience Associates Inc. / Booth 306
Proprietary MultiBrain® and MultiCord® technologies enable simultaneous sectioning and staining of up to 40 neuronal tissues, achieving uniform processing across treatment groups. Coupling mass production neurohistology with staining expertise including standard stains, immunohistochemistry and specialty stains for disintegrative degeneration and Alzheimer’s pathology, Neuroscience Associates significantly reduces client’s R&D cycle times. (
OssDsign_web OssDsign  / Booth 404
OssDsign is an innovator, designer and manufacturer of personalized bone replacement technology for cranial repair. We are committed to improving outcomes in cranioplasty. By combining clinical insight with proprietary material technology and patient-adapted design, OssDsign supplies an expanding range of tailored solutions for cranial repair and facial bone reconstruction. (

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