Confirmed Exhibitors

NeuroTrauma2018 is pleased to welcome the following Exhibitors to Toronto:

Confirmed Exhibitors

7D-Surgical_web  7D Surgical
7D Surgical is a Toronto based company that develops advanced optical technologies and machine vision-based registration algorithms to improve surgical workflow and patient care. 7D Surgical’s Machine-vision Image Guidance System (MvIGS) delivers profound improvement to workflows in spine surgery, providing the promise of future advancements in other surgical specialties.  (
Arkis-BioSciences_web Arkis BioSciences®
Arkis BioSciences® provides advanced medical technology used in treating hydrocephalus, pain management, and other treatment areas. Arkis BioSciences introduces the CerebroFlo™ EVD Catheter with Endexo® Technology, demonstrating 99% reduction in thrombus accumulation in-vitro.  Arkis’ minimally-invasive Tunneling Guidewire™ reduces the number of surgical sites, lessens trauma, and shortens surgical duration. (
CNRM_web Center for Neuroscience and Regenerative Medicine (CNRM)
CNRM is a collaborative military traumatic brain injury research group established to address the needs of the medical community to better diagnose and improve outcomes of Service Members who suffer with the long-term consequences resulting from Traumatic Brain Injury. (
Codman-Specialty-Surgical_web Codman Specialty Surgical
Codman Specialty Surgical, a Division of Integra LifeSciences is a global leader in neurosurgery that combines the renowned brand of Codman with Integra’s leading advanced technologies.  Our portfolio includes world-recognized brands such as Certas® and Hakim® valves, Licox® Brain Tissue Oxygen Monitoring System, ICP Express® and Directlink®, CUSA® tissue ablation platform, DuraGen® and DuraSeal®, Mayfield®, Jarit® and MicroFrance® surgical instruments and Integra® lighting.(
De-Puy-Synthes_web De Puys Synthes
DePuy Synthes, part of Johnson & Johnson Medical Device Companies, offers the most comprehensive portfolio of products for Spine, Cranio-Maxillofacial, Trauma, Joint Reconstruction, Sports medicine, Neurovascular, power tools and biomaterials. Our innovative products have made us a leader in the management of spine and cranial trauma pathologies.  (
DP Clinical DP Clinical 
DP Clinical is a privately held Contract Research Organization specializing in CNS (including spinal cord injury), cardiology, infectious disease, oncology, ophthalmology, and vaccine Phase I-IV clinical programs. We provide a full complement of clinical services including trial management, monitoring, data management, biostatistics, regulatory, safety, and medical writing. (
The Federal Interagency Traumatic Brain Injury Research (FITBIR) informatics system was developed to share data across the entire TBI research field and to facilitate collaboration as well as interconnectivity with other informatics platforms. Sharing data, methodologies, and associated tools, rather than summaries or interpretations of this information, can accelerate research progress by allowing re-analysis of data, as well as re-aggregation, integration, and rigorous comparison with other data. (
Fortuna-Fix_web Fortuna Fix
Fortuna is a regenerative medicine company focused on direct cell reprogramming (drNPC) for CNS diseases.  The approach is personalised and customised to address the underlying neuropathology: drNPC-O2 biased to motor neuron and oligodendrocyte lineages for Spinal Cord Injury; drNPC-A9 to replace A9 dopaminergic cells in Parkinson’s.  Fortuna has a fully automated manufacturing system for the production of autologous drNPCs. (
FUJIFILM-VisualSonics_web FUJIFILM VisualSonics
FUJIFILM VisualSonics, the world leader in real-time, in vivo, high-resolution, micro-imaging systems, providing modalities designed for preclinical research.  These cutting edge technologies allow researchers to conduct research in cardiovascular, cancer and neurobiology areas. VisualSonics platforms combine high-resolution, real-time in vivo imaging at a reasonable cost with ease-of-use and quantifiable results. (
Hemedex_Web Hemedex Inc
Hemedex’s technology provides early warning of tissue ischemia, helps target therapy, monitors real-time response to intervention, and provides prognostic information.  Hemedex provides a complete solution for continuous, real-time measurement of cerebral perfusion in absolute units by offering the Bowman Perfusion Monitor, perfusion probe, titanium bolts and cranial drill bits. (
ibia-web International Brain Injury Association (IBIA)
Through conferences, publications and special interest groups, the International Brain Injury Association (IBIA) serves as an educational platform for multidisciplinary professionals involved in the research and treatment of brain injury.  IBIA organizes the biennial World Congress on Brain Injury, which will next be held in March of 2019 in Toronto, Canada. (
King-Devick-Test_web KING-DEVICK Technologies, Inc.
King-Devick Technologies, Inc. offers evidence-based integrated technology solutions for concussion management and indicators of neurological function. King-Devick products, including the King-Devick Test in association with Mayo Clinic sideline concussion screening are scientifically validated in over 110 peer-reviewed, elite medical journal articles. King-Devick Recovery Acceleration Program won 2017’s VA Innovation Award. (
NEU-web Journal of Neurotrauma
Journal of Neurotrauma is the only peer-reviewed journal focused exclusively on the clinical and laboratory investigation of traumatic brain and spinal cord injury. The Journal focuses on the basic pathobiology of injury to the central nervous system, while considering preclinical and clinical trials targeted at improving both the early management and long-term care and recovery of traumatically injured patients. (
 L&K-Biomed-Logo- L&K BIOMED
L&K BIOMED is a global spinal medical device company delivering high quality, innovative medical devices to contribute to healthier lives. L&K’s mission is to provide extremely dependable implants and instruments healthcare professionals and patients can trust. This is possible due to continual effort in innovation, sustainable growth, and product diversification. (
Mdialysis_web M Dialysis Inc
M Dialysis, Inc. develops and markets clinical microdialysis solutions for advanced clinical research and general intensive care usage. Our microdialysis solutions monitor tissue chemistry and diagnosis based on changes in the local metabolism, offering windows of opportunity that may lead to improved quality of life. (
medtronic Medtronic 
As a global leader in medical technology, services and solutions, Medtronic helps to improve the lives and health of millions of people each year. We use our deep clinical, therapeutic, and economic expertise to address the complex challenges faced by healthcare systems today. Let’s take healthcare Further, Together.  (
MOBERG_ICU-Solutions_web Moberg ICU Solutions 
The Moberg Component Neuromonitoring System (CNS) integrates physiological and medical information to support decision-making that transforms neurocritical care. Using time-synchronized multimodal monitoring to collect, display and store data from multiple sources, including Moberg cEEG, our system shows the dynamic functioning of the brain, enabling individualized care of brain-injured patients. (
Natus-Neurology_web Natus Neuro 
Natus Neuro is a global market leader that provides diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical solutions built on a strong heritage in neurodiagnostics, neurocritical care and neurosurgery. Natus Neuro delivers clinician-led products that improve outcomes and enhance care for neuro patients through leading-edge equipment, service, education and supplies. (
Neuro-Science-Associates-Inc_web NeuroScience Associates Inc. 
Proprietary MultiBrain® and MultiCord® technologies enable simultaneous sectioning and staining of up to 40 neuronal tissues, achieving uniform processing across treatment groups. Coupling mass production neurohistology with staining expertise including standard stains, immunohistochemistry and specialty stains for disintegrative degeneration and Alzheimer’s pathology, Neuroscience Associates significantly reduces client’s R&D cycle times. (
OssDsign_web OssDsign
OssDsign is an innovator, designer and manufacturer of personalized bone replacement technology for cranial repair. We are committed to improving outcomes in cranioplasty. By combining clinical insight with proprietary material technology and patient-adapted design, OssDsign supplies an expanding range of tailored solutions for cranial repair and facial bone reconstruction. (
PMT_Logo PMT Corporation
PMT Corporation, established in 1979, is a US company dedicated to the research, development, manufacture and distribution of quality medical devices addressing Neurosurgery and Neurotrauma. PMT is committed to bringing the best innovations to market both throughout the US and internationally. (
quesgen_web QuesGen Systems, Inc.
QuesGen Systems, Inc. is a leader in services and support to studies focusing on Brain Health research with a specific focus on Traumatic Brain Injury research. The QuesGen platform has been used for TRACKTBI (18 centers across the US), CENTERTBI (60+ across europe) and the DOD CARE Consortium (a prospective study of 30,000 college athletes tracking sports-related injuries).(
Stoelting_web Stoelting Co.
Stoelting Co. is an innovator in producing neuroscience research equipment. Stoelting has manufactured stereotaxic instruments for the past 50 years; you will find the Stoelting brand in laboratories all over the world. Visit Stoelting’s booth for a demonstration of the Just for Mouse Stereotaxic with new digital display and built-in warming base. (
Surgi-One_logo2-v2 Surgi-One
Surgi-One is partnering with Cerapedics to bring i-FACTOR™ Peptide Enhanced Bone Graft to Canadian surgeons. i-FACTOR™ has been clinically proven in a number of Level-1 studies to provide safe, effective and early fusion across a number of spine and general orthopaedic indications. (
vertex_web  Vertex Pharmaceutical
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