Scientific Program Committee

The scientific program will be developed by a Scientific Program Committee consisting of the following representatives:

Conference Co-Chairs:

Dr. Michael G. Fehlings
NeuroTrauma 2018 Host, Co-Chair

Dr. Anthony E. Kline
NeuroTrauma 2018 Co-Chair

Dr. Eve C. Tsai
NeuroTrauma 2018 Co-Chair

Toronto LOC:

Dr. Michael G. Fehlings 
NeuroTrauma 2018 Host
University of Toronto

Dr. Andrew J. Baker
University of Toronto

Dr. Cindi M. Morshead
University of Toronto


Dr. Anthony Figaji
INTS President
University of Cape Town

Dr. Peter Hutchison
University of Cambridge

Dr. Soheila Karimi
University of Manitoba

Dr. Brian Kwon
University of British Columbia


Dr. Candace Floyd
NNS Past-President
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Dr. Anthony E. Kline
NNS President
University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Kimberly R. Byrnes
NNS Vice President
Uniformed Services University

Dr. Grace Griesbach
NNS Secretary-Treasurer
Centre for NeuroSkills

Dr. Mayumi Prins
University of California


Dr. Uzma Samadani
University of Minnesota

Dr. Eve Tsai
University of Ottawa

Dr. Franco Servedei
University of Parma

Dr. Paul M. Arnold
University of Kansas

Dr. Fahad Alkherayf
University of Ottawa

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