Poster Competition Finalists

The top 20 of the highest-scoring student/trainee abstract submissions will be featured as finalists in the NeuroTrauma 2018 Trainee Competition and displayed for the duration of the conference.

Scores will be tabulated to determine the winners of the competition. In the event of a tie, judges will refer to the original scores for the tiebreaker.  All judges decisions are final.

The Trainee Competition Finalists for NeuroTrauma 2018 are:

Abstract ID Last Name First Name
163 Dennis Emily
988 Duclos Catherine
56 Dulaney Anna Marie
504 Fullerton Josie
394 Haber Margalit
95 Hachem Laureen
152 Hanna Jeffery
1006 Hassanpour Golakani Masoud
714 Hoffman Ann
739 Hubbard Brad
115 Mendoza Kimberly
308 Salberg Sabrina
118 Schneider Andrea
909 Terminel Mabel
433 Weber Maura
606 Wofford Kathryn
910 Yue John
754 Yue John
477 Zou Yukai

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