Data Blitz Oral Presentations

The Abstract Committee has selected 42 abstracts from all submissions to be presented orally during the Data Blitz sessions.  Please note that authors whose abstracts are selected for oral presentation will also present a poster.

The submissions selected for oral presentation at the 2018 Data Blitz Session are:

Abstract ID Last name First name Oral Presentation Day
647 Ahuja Christopher Tuesday
437 Celorrio Marta Tuesday
646 Chio Jonathon Wednesday
675 Chun Young Tuesday
173 Ciarlone Stephanie Tuesday
794 Craine Timothy Wednesday
865 Creed Jennifer Tuesday
163 Dennis Emily Tuesday
988 Duclos Catherine Wednesday
56 Dulaney Anna Marie Wednesday
504 Fullerton Josie Wednesday
918 Gallagher Mathew Wednesday
907 Galuta Ahmad Tuesday
394 Haber Margalit Wednesday
95 Hachem Laureen Wednesday
278 Han Kihwan Wednesday
152 Hanna Jeffery Wednesday
1006 Hassanpour Golakani Masoud Wednesday
739 Hubbard Brad Tuesday
714 Hoffman Ann Wednesday
895 Kandegedara Chaya Tuesday
992 Lecuyer Giguere Fanny Wednesday
115 Mendoza Kimberly Tuesday
225 Pelisch Nicolas Tuesday
308 Salberg Sabrina Wednesday
118 Schneider Andrea Wednesday
85 Schwab Nicole Tuesday
480 Siddiqi Shan Wednesday
694 Siddiqi Shan Wednesday
902 Simmons Epiphani Wednesday
479 Soni Pranay Tuesday
473 States Gregory Tuesday
793 Vascak Michal Tuesday
433 Weber Maura Tuesday
354 Witcher Kristina Wednesday
606 Wofford Kathryn Wednesday
754 Yue John Wednesday
910 Yue John Wednesday
802 Ziogas Nikolaos Wednesday
477 Zou Yukai Tuesday

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